A credit card also counts for a payday loan

Payday loans are incredibly favorable now, why not take advantage of them? It is not devilish to see the conditions of use and the advantages and disadvantages.

If you are still collecting for your own home, choose this one

A payday loan is a very good option for many because you do not need to provide collateral – usually, the amount that a bank wants to secure is in any case.

Even if you have no real estate property or no one in the family would be happy to recommend your home or home as collateral – for example, because you are still keeping in mind the properties that were lost during your foreign currency loan period – you can still get millions of forints with this simplified solution.

What the bank looks at are our income and employment, and a careful look at these can tell you how stable and reliable we are.

The best thing we can do is to get a higher monthly income. If we can prove a serious amount, they qualify as better clients and get a discount on interest. There are many types of potential income, income types that go through the bank, some that do not; for example, the ‘black’ part of the income handed in is not worth it even if your boss has been paying this way for fifteen years. And no matter how robust the rental income from real estate is, it is not always included in our income.

In any case, it is worth collecting everything we can. If our monthly income is above the national average salary, we can expect a high-interest loan.

Banks are sure about the repayment

Good to know, our monthly installment will increase to a maximum of 40 percent of this demonstrated and accepted income.

Interestingly, according to the relevant regulation, up to 60% of our monthly income, or less than 50% of our monthly income, can be paid to the bank each month.

But financial institutions have pushed the limit down, by 35 to 40 percent, saying it is unrealistic for someone to be able to give up half of their monthly income for, say, ten years. Which has some ration?

Do we need a credit card?

We will get a smaller payday loan even if we have other loans.

It also counts the same if your unused credit card or overdraft credit line, 5% of which is taken into account by the creditor as a repayment installment.

A $ 250,000 credit card line qualifies as a $ 12,500 monthly repayment.

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